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Friday, August 11, 2006

Great minds, etc

Joanne suggested this orientation with the smaller circle added at the bottom left for balance. Didn't get to do any work on it today but got to sit on my favorite twins, Cyrus and Collin, Craig and Kelly's baby boys. Braggin' grandmas are the worst but they have to be the most darling little ones on the planet.
So whadda you think about this orientation? I am consider slicing a small half circle out of the arc. Not as thin as the strips but enough to give it some breathing room. The weekend will tell the tale. Gotta film one day for the last DVD of this year.....hand quilting, design and speciality threads. After that out come the cable ties since I only have until the 20th to finish the construction.....while burning DVD's for market and festival, printing case inserts and packaging. Ooops here I go again. No I promise to only do so much each day.
Val....thanks for the Bon Jovi....absolutely perfect for the moment...will get an email out to you soon.
Mel....hope you read my comment....keep on doing as I know you will, exactly what you are doing.
I need to email so many of you....promise to try to get at least one a day out.

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Mrs. Mel said...

I DID read your comment and have plans, many plans to continue. I am IN THE ZONE.