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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Trying to Keep the Studio Clean

Since we are shooting the last DVD of the year, I can't get to the studio...drat and blast. It is clean now and I don't want to have to re-arrange everything just so I can work. However, I need to do something creative so Photoshop to the rescue.
These are a continuation of my living in an urban environment surrounded by a rural environments only minutes away.
The first photo is from the Blue Angels show. This is the plane that Ronnie was on when he was in the Navy. I took two separate images of the plane, superimposed them and then played around with the layers. It was his Father's Day
present from me and it was a big hit.

The second photo is a rock face from all the bedrock we have in our area. You can't dig three feet without hitting rock....and occasionally they are quite large. This has great potential for another of my Earth Strata series. All I have to do is find the "Sweet Spot" and transfer it on the overhead projector. Not like I don't have any quilts to work on or deadlines to meet. Hey, we can't stop the juices when they are flowing.....some day the well will need replenishing and these designs will be there waiting.
The last photo is for my son, Charles, who is a model railroader. I did dink around with the color and layers in the sky but not much else.
He loved it...that's all that matters...but there is a quilt in here as well. The painted peltex would be perfect for a trestle construction or a laying track construction.
See what happens when you just open yourself to the possibilities of anything as design.

I see from the comments Teri has taken to the dangerous life of photographing while go girl. Keep me posted of what you get from this exercise....can't wait to see what you come up with.
Off to eat a nice big slab of beef....have been doing the veggies and juice thing for about a week and I need protein. Ah! I can smell it now. Posted by Picasa

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Shant said...

I love your Blog... Is that a bathroom studio? Gee I thought I was one of the only people to use a bathroom as a workspace...

Nice work.. Check out my blog

keep up the posts their intersting.