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Thursday, August 10, 2006

OKay here goes....

Remember it has been a long time since I posted anything much less pictures so bear with me.
The grandaughter on the left is Gaia, Craig and Kelly's and on the right, Jene', Chris and Jillaine's. Both are the eldest and show all the signs. They were performing in a concert at the church, which is why they are dressed alike. In real life, Gaia is Cher in minature; Jene' loves bugs and super heroes. Mainly, it is great that they live so close to each other. My poor sons have no cousins so this is a whole new experience for our family.
This little darling is Jayden, Chris and Jillaine's middle one. Talk about going to be a pistol. Dad needs to get the shot gun oiled and ready. She has been wearing high heels since day one and absolutely loves men. I live for the day she turns thirteen.
Out of context but a page from my journal to show you, I wasn't entirely in outer space. We used a photograph similar to this on the new DVD.......which is out of production and finally realeased to the public. Nervous breakdown avoided.
And last, as always, the corner of the studio picture after the last day of filming. There must be something about this corner. No matter how many times I clean it up the next time I go into the studio it looks just like this. Stay tuned more to come. Posted by Picasa

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