Things are getting more and more eccentric at Casa de la Swain. Changing styles in my textile work, falling in love again with painting and photography...and then there is the ever illusive quest for continuing creativity through working with Eric Maisel. Still on the road teaching, posting now at the Ragged Cloth Cafe and taking the pledge to keep handmaiden up to date.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Just a thought

In the eating hall, a stuffed parrot hung from the ceiling, and from its golden beak dangled a card that read, "We are in training to be nobody special." I had often repeated this to myself, working against my need for achievement and recognition, and the discontent that could engender. "I am in training to be nobody special." Saying the words in my mind, I felt how they redirected me from a certain seductive struggle and excitement and disease, into a more stable focus: forget what others think of you, forget the future goal of achievement; arrive instead in this body/mind, attending to this present moment. This is is the whole of practice.

-Sandy Boucher, "Hidden Spring"
Copyright Wisdom Publications 2001. Reprinted from "Daily Wisdom: 365 Buddhist Inspirations," edited by Josh Bartok, with permission of Wisdom Publications, 199 Elm St., Somerville MA 02144 U.S.A,

Haven't worked in the studio for a few days Ronnie had two days off so we vacationed.....bad when you work for yourself. But I do have a surprise in the works. Some the miminal quilts I have been working on are about meditation on time. One of my favorite subjects since it is so artifical...and after all that is what we are creating artifice.....see dictionary for all the words associated with art. Please let's don't discuss what is and what isn't?
To the point, there are some time pieces coming.
Other good news is after 29 August, Ronnie is going to be on two weeks vacation....ah! someone to burn, label and package DVD's so I can have plenty of hours in the studio.....little does he suspect.


teri springer said...

I have to disagree with your statement that vacation is bad for those of us who work for ourselves. Maybe if you don't think of it as vacation but as *recharging* time......I have my sketchbook, etc with me so vacation is time to doodle.

Oh, and I did quite a bit of Gabrielle photography on the way here....was afraid the provincial police would not like it if I stopped on the side of the road to take pics....but Joey wasn't crazy about me driving and snapping pics at the same time!!


Rayna said...

Gabrielle - do you know this quote?
The past is over, the future hasn't happened yet and as we experience the present it becomes the past. All we have is the moment: all we have is now.