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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ready when you are C.B.

My director/cinematographer is always avoiding the camera. Today I thought I would document some of what a day in the life of fliming was like. Actually, the ready when you are C.B. referring to Cecil B. DeMille applies to my boss. His name is Christopher Benjamin. Wonder if the initials are what makes him so good at this.
He arrived starving a went immediately to the kitchen since our catering service never seems to show up.
It is a sad day when the director has to make his own sandwich. Never fear, Mom made his favorite tenderloin for dinner so he was well rewarded.
Setting up the camera and lights. Please note the messy corner has somehow moved to the other side of the room. This will not be included in the DVD.
An even more detailed shot of disaster. Thom was home from school for a week. Poor thing had to sleep on the sofa since I have taken over one bedroom for an office and the other for my studio. The bedding so nicely folded and falling off the chair was Thom's contribution to the disaster.
We finished shooting two segments so I am feeling good. We may shoot after Chris gets off work tomorrow but if we have to wait until the weekend it will still give us plenty of time. This disc is a single so editing should be lots easier than with the double disc.
And, since I have the best editor ever my tension level is fairly low on the anxiety meter. You should see her at the computer...she can really make it sing.....along with being an incredible graphic designer.....the very multi-talented Kelly.
Tomorrow morning I begin cable tying the construction. Would work some tonight...8 p.m. CDT but I am sticking to my be good to myself policy. Posted by Picasa

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