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Saturday, January 05, 2008

2007 In Review

Not being inclined to look back in time too much, I thought a moment of reflection might be proactive for 2008.

From top left: I remember sleeping in a multitude of hotels....all nice and comfy and appreciated after a long day.

Made another guest appearance at Houston Quilt Market and Festival....and enjoyed every minute even though exhausted at the end of each day.

Then, there was the ever present messy studio which won't really be all mine again until Thom moves out.

Speaking of Thom, the highlight of the spring was his graduation...he is now practicing at a firm in Ft. Worth.

Got to visit again one of my favorite places on the planet,Melbourne, AU. I will miss y'all this year.

Taught a group of incredible, talented women at Sandy Turner's retreat in Cambria, Ca. They make a mean Cosmopolitan.....see y'all next year for round two...are you ready for what my beady little mind has in store?

Also, taught for Empty Spools at Asilomar. Thanks Diana, Suzanne and Gail for great students and being in such a beautiful setting.....just an easy walk to the beach...always good for the soul.

Yard guy gave me a beautiful yard to come home to from each trip....even when it snowed.

Last but never least, I bought a few pairs of shoes. However you would be proud of new shoes since early 2007.

What will 2008 bring? More hotels, more beautiful cities, plenty of amazing students, hopefully getting my studio back, surprises in the spring garden and maybe a pair or two of shoes.

The only thing missing is the making of quilts. As promised in my previous post, turning over a new leaf (no pun intended) in that department. Already have two layered and basted....more in the finished stage.

2008 is already in full swing. Full of things I am looking forward to doing to keep me cooking on the creative front. While this is not all 2007 gave....painting, photography, dvd's and intermittent blogging...looking back brings a smile to my face....and the sure and certain knowledge that 2008 can only get better.

Get yourself in the studio. It's the weekend...uninterrupted creative time....go make some art.

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