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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Now Seriously Folks

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Lest you think that the Casa has been overwhelmed with artist angst, I thought I would list a few of the silly compulsions...ahem, likes and dislikes that float around in my brain and our household.

1. When I take eggs out of the carton, the remaining eggs have to make a geometric pattern....makes sense from an artistic view point plus it keeps the weight balanced.

2. I hate chocolate and peanuts together. Separate them and all is well. For creepsakes, peanuts are a vegetable, a legume to be exact. How would chocolate and broccoli, strike you. Although I did mention this to Sweet Ronnie the other day and he was kinda in favor of it...bleech!

3. I eat oatmeal with no sugar....instead I like use butter and a baked potato. I am certain cheese would be an excellent addition. Put that on the list of foods to try.

4. Give me a nice long soak in the tub over a shower any day. Showers are so fast...sort of a get it over with kinda thing. I want to refill the tub and sit until I all wrinkled and have finished a chapter in a book.

5. I have Michael Bolton on my Ipod. I understand all the Ipods in the world have Michael on them.

6. I love Michael McDonald's voice....any guy that can hit a note higher than I can is way cool....besides he and Ronnie look alike...sigh...except Ronnie can't sing. Oh well,you can't have everything.

7. I can't stitch a straight seam on my sewing when I sew strips or blocks I sew them from one direction them flip them to the other end and stitch from than direction. Some lack of hand/eye wonder I applique.

8. I drive really fast...sshh! My daughter in law Christy says, " You don't so much follow mom somewhere as much as you chase her."

9. I love pulp fiction....old and new, from Dashiell Hammett to Jonathan Kellerman. Gave myself a Christmas gift and read Gone by Kellerman in one day.

10. I dance to music regardless whether alone or not...desperately want to take ballroom dance classes but have two problems. No partner and I always want to lead...sigh!

There are tons more normal things going on around the all is not dark and brooding. Every waking moment isn't filled with total a matter of fact, I am getting way over myself and plan on resolving this soon....or just tossing all my fabric, canvases, brushes, etc on the curb. Start fresh....not sure on what but it would force me to do something.

However, nothing is ever going to make me like chocolate and peanuts. And that's the truth...bluuulh!

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Karoda said...

well now I have to get an ipod! michael mcdonald comes programmed in!!!