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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The More Things Change; The More they Remain the Same

In my mad cleaning frenzy for Christmas, the studio became the repository of all things fallinginto the category of "What do I do with this?" Obviously not a solution, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I am faced with the eternal, never-edning cleaningof the studio. How many times in 2007 have you seen pictures that look similar, read absolutely the same, as these. Being a packrat doesn't help but this is beyond the pale. Reassure me that none of your studios look quite in this disarray.

I did finally get my new iron, only a year old purchased at Quilt Market '06, out of the box and ready to use. Of course, I haven' t used it but with my plan to get three tops underway, it is eager to be heated up.

It goes without saying that every studio needs a food processor....OMG....I couldn't find a better place for that thing. Could have but would have meant cleaning cabinets....nah...just stick it in the studio. The vacuum will come in handy especially since it is blocking my way to the design wall and cutting table. Someone up there is telling me I have to clean or I won't get in the door.

On a good year, I would just toss all this stuff in closets but I fear they are full from my last cleaning event. In case we ever decide to sell the house, I have already warned sweet Ronnie we will have to move out before we can begin to show the house. I could never keep it realtor clean.

However, there is a brighter side. The rest of the house still looks pretty good. Only because I haven't managed to cover every flat space yet. The gift basket of goodies from daughter in law Jillaine is still in plain sight so I can munch at will. She made absolutely the best cinnamon chips with strawberry salsa ever. I was greedy and didn't share a single one.....don't worry Thom and Ronnie got the Salsa Verde and Salsa Caliente....also yummy. Back to point, these two rooms look as if someone might actually live here.

Blogger again refused to post more than three pictures so living room to follow. It also is still in a presentable state. Wonder how long it will stay that way? Yes, the Christmas tree is still up but it is so small....and I am still feeling festive....that is unless I walk into the studio.
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