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Sunday, January 06, 2008

As I Was Saying

The living room is still looking pretty good. Busby is on guard at the front door. After so much company for the holidays, he is certain someone is coming to visit him at any moment. Take note the rowing machine is again in a place of honor just waiting for me to put my glorious fatdom ( new but appropriate word) to work. Son Thom bought me an IPod for Christmas in an attempt to encourage me to exercise. What a thoughtful hoping his evil...oops I mean concerned for his mother, plan works soon.

Now for some original art from son Chris. If you remember, those of us who had time or wanted to gave hand made Christmas presents. Chris is such an incredible artist, even if I do say so myself. This is a multi-media piece he created using a variety of gorgeous papers. He then put the symbol for strength on the background canvas and built the dragon in 3-d on top of the background.

Here's a detail of all the intricate cutting and addition of other media to achieve the look he desired. I am in awe...all the hours and coming up with the concept in the first place. Thank you sweetie, I will treasure it always. Between his lovely wife Jillaine's skills as a gourmet cook and his artistic abilities, there ought to be a business these two could start. Give me enough time and I will think of something.

Now off to the studio to at least make a pathway....and to practice what I preach. In the Creative Spark, one of our first assignments was to get your studio ready for working. Oops! my dog must have eaten that homework...but since we don't have a dog that is a pretty lame excuse. Oh Busby, where are the studio no doubt creating a mess.
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