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Friday, January 11, 2008

Preview of Book Tour with Eric Maisel

Just a quick reminder that Monday, 14 January, handmaiden will be hosting a blog book tour with Eric on his new book Van Gogh Blues. I highly recommend this book for all. There are references to Van Gogh in the book but the heart of the book is how we can formulate life plans, approach our work with integrity and honesty. Most of all it helps you deal will the rise and fall of the artist life. What to do when you reach a plateau after a long period of success and how to deal with the daily transitions we all face.

At the link below you can listen to some of Eric's pod casts on a variety of subjects surrounding creativity and living as an artist. Check them out if you get a chance.

Here's a small review of the book, just to whet your appetite.

"Psychotherapist and author Dr. Eric Maisel speaks to the specific type of depression that creative people experience. 'I believe that depression in creative individuals is best thought of as a meaning crisis caused by chronic, persistent uneasiness, irritation, anger, and sadness about the facts of existence and life's apparent lack of meaning,' he writes. Anyone who examines the facts of existence and strives to find personal meaning, as creative people do, opens herself up to this depression.

"In order to counter this kind of depression, Maisel says creators must become meaning experts, learning to navigate through the terrain of meaning. They must engage in conversation with themselves about what is meaningful — and then work a plan to create that meaning."

Eric has been and continues to be my creativity coach. He encouraged me to paint, do manipulated photography and stay committed to my textile work. In a conversation on Wednesday night, I awoke yesterday with the first idea for a new textile piece since early last year.

I think you will enjoy Eric and will certainly appreciate his dedication to us. Please drop by Monday and join us for the discussion on Van Gogh Blues.

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Deb said...

I guess I need a trip to the bookstore now too. sigh.