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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Working in the New Year

No pictures today since none of the work I accomplished is interesting unless you enjoy photos of paper. Started the day shipping stuff off for classes and shipping a quilt for a sample of February classes. Spent the rest of the day visiting with the gals in my online class....a real treat for me. What an exciting group to be working with for the new year.

Tomorrow my big hope is to lay in the audio track on the dvd. I think I know the problem but keep your fingers crossed that I am right. If that goes well, the production will begin and on to the next instructional dvd.

That is the news...except for the fact that it is colder than heck in Texas....which has us all totally freaked. The low last night was in the 20's F. with more of the same predicted for tonight. If that wasn't enough, our ice maker is producing enough ice to send to the melting the dead of winter, when we don't use much ice.....naturally this summer, the blasted thing will not produce a cube.
Just the natural course of events at the Casa. Upside down and backwards.

The great progress that occurred over the holidays is that I started working with Eric Maisel's support group for 2008. We started in the throes of the holiday commitments with three goals to accomplish each day relating to our art. Low and behold, it worked. I got tons of work done.

We, then, moved on to weekly goals parsing them out daily. This concept is just the foundation I needed to see where I was going and to have a sense of what I accomplished. It is such a great concept that I am going to apply to my class.

If you have trouble focusing because of too many tasks or because you piddle away time that could be better spent, give the 3 goals a try. Naturally, it works better if you have someone who you are accountable to for your accomplishments. Maybe you could find a friend who would be willing to give it a try with you.

My brain is fried just like the dinner we had I will stop rambling.

Almost forgot a small postscript, while I am working like there is no tomorrow, sweet Ronnie is continuing with his retirement resolution of sitting on the sofa doing nothing. First of all, this would send me over the edge....go directly into straight jacket, do not pass go. However, he not only has this down to a science; he has managed to elevate it to an art form. Good for him....well deserved....just stay outta my way.....which works well since the sofa is well out of my regular movement track. He need not think this is what my retirement will resemble in any way.

Remeber to put on your calendar January 14 for the book tour with Eric. I think you will find him delightful as well as incredibly kind and insightful.

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