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Monday, October 24, 2005

It's Over...Whopee!

We did it....made it through the last day...broke down the booth in record to see the Husquavarna exhibit...very groovy....and now resting in our hotel. Picked up another major distributor today. They want 2500 brochures to send to their customers as soon as possible. Talked with the fabric company...they want a series of six designs for approval. If they like it, we will do a licensing contract for the Gabrielle Swain pressure there.
Who would have dreamed this would all happen from one market? Even though I am dog tired, I am very delighted at the results and just a little overwhelmed at the thought of it all.
My apologies at not being able to email everyone on their comments....but again, thanks so much for all the compliments and support. May sound crazy but you made each day easier...kept my confidence level at maximum....and were there with me in spirit.
Sleeping in tomorrow, then heading home around 9 a.m.....will take until late afternoon to get home but coming home excited and ready to work.
Side bar: A friend and fellow quiltmaker, who happens to be married to a documentary film maker, stopped by the booth to say hello. Started watching the dvd's, and couldn't have been more impressed. Thank you Kelly and production and graphics are the best...the credit for making me look good all goes to you.
Last but not least, hugs to Christy for all her help and company....I will always remember how hard you worked and how much fun we had.


Caitlin said...

Gabrielle, I'm so excited for you - what a GREAT response to your first time at market!
Now you make sure you get some rest, cos you KNOW we all want to see a fabric line from you!

Debra said...

Great experience, Gabrielle!! It was destiny!!

How can you both sleep in and leave at 9 am?? Shouldn't you still be sleeping in??

Olenka said...

Congratulations, Gabrielle! What a wonderful result of all your determination & efforts. It's been great to see how the success was built one step at a time, by you and your well deserved supporting team. Great inspiration. Thank you!

mary m. said...

Congrats, Gabrielle!
I know your fabric will be one-of-a-kind....

Marlene said...

Awesome! How exciting, your fabric will be a best seller.

Rayna said...

So exciting that you had a wonderful and zowie market, Gabrielle. Hugs.

Karoda said...

In the words of one of my most admired movie characters...Life's a banquet and most fools are starving to death...girl, you are feasting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

Gerrie said...

Remember when you couldn't decide whtether to do this or not - well, girl, you did it - you really did it!! Congrats!!!!

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