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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Road Trip Ready

Just a quick note, the car is packed, probably forgot something but don't need it anyway. Now to pick up Christy...yep, we had to make a change in my assistant. Kelly, sadly, but relieved to be with the boys, is staying home since Cyrus is undiagnosed. Tribute to Kelly: These products have reallly been her baby as much as mine. Without her graphics and editing skill, I would not be making this trip. So I understand her being torn about going or staying, but as all mothers know, the kidlets are priority number one. There is always next year.
While I am at it must add tribute to Christy, who re-scheduled her working days on very short notice...and I am sure was packing like a mad woman. She had to work last night to get off for festival so I hope she can catch a few winks on the flight down....that would be mom driving in the Nissan.
Will try to document as much of this event as possible so you can see how different market is from festival...but won't post any pictures of the quilts. Don't want to spoil the surprise.
Watch for another post tonight on the first day of set-up.

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jenclair said...

Eager to see the pictures and hear the details of market. I love blogs and the vicarious opportunities they afford!

Have a great time!

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