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Monday, October 17, 2005

This Little Piggie Goes to Market

First things first, although I did not get many responses on the Weird Quiz Analysis, from the ones I received, it appears that chocolate and herpes are the culprits to how weird one is. I leave you to ponder these results.

Now to the subject at hand, last week got a call from son Charles...just checking in. I explained to him what I was doing...and he immediately asked if I could use some help. No fool am I...absolutely
took him up on the offer. Now how is this for a wonderful son....and hour and a half later, he and the lovely, Christy arrive, not only to help but with dinner in hand. A mother's dream...we ate and talked and laughed and packaged a hundred and seventy-five dvd's.....and had the remainder of cases and inserts ready for me to finish the next day. This put me days ahead so as of Saturday I was ready to go. Well, no clothes washed or shoes selected, but the booth is ready.

We all have great off-spring but this was above and beyond the call of duty. I can never thank Charles and Christy enough for their support.....and the pleasure of their company. They are both keepers.....are you hearing this dearest, darling son.

On the other hand, grandkidlet Cyrus, one of the twins, had another spell this weekend that could be related to his shunt. The poor, little guy just had surgery to correct the shunt last week....and had a great week, but regular as clock-work the weekend brought on another round of what is the problem. Kelly, my graphic designer and loving mom to the twins, is at wits end.
She was going to market with son Craig's she could have a few days relaxing with adults....translate that to working in the booth. They have appointments today and Wednesday to get this problem analysized. We are leaving Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed answers are coming.

Also, as promised, got one last day in the studio. See reults below. Since everything is ready on this end for market, instead of running around distracted from one thing to another, I am going to quilt on the pieces I layered up earlier this month. Probably won't have much to show for the fall shows coming up but next out...I am on a mission to get as many tops done as possible so I can spend the year quilting.

This life/work balance is a delicate dance but discipline is the key. Work every day...even if it is business work instead of studio work. Somehow it all comes together in the end....with a little help from some of my favorite people on the planet. I am a very luck mom.


mary m. said...

You are one hard-working woman! Good luck at market, Gabrielle. Your quilt tops are both lovely. The orange, pink, yellow and green one is kinda Peter Max-ish.

Rayna said...

Hugs and fingers x'd that the kidlet's problems are resolved tout de suite. Keep us posted.

Caitlin said...

Best wishes for Kelly (I bet she's looking forward to adult conversations!) and to Cyrus - hope they can get the shunt fixed pronto!

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