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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Chaos Regins

Coming Home to Reality....Say it isn't so!
Finally got the boxes unpacked from market and festival and blithely thinking time to tackle the home front and get in the studio etc. Only to take a quick glance around the house to see what a mess I had left the place.....OMG! The health inspectors are on the way.
Here are a couple of views of the studio, which has become Thom's storage unit while living at home. Somewhere under the towels and comforter and other assorted necessities is my light box.....hmmm! I could move his stuff but as you will see in the follow-up pics, the question is where?
This is the space between my cutting table and the sewing machine...if you can call that space. My plans to work remain firm. Luckily, I have several quilts layered, ready to quilt, so even in the chaos, there is work awaiting.

I won't bother to show you the cat fur bunnies or the inches of dust on the furniture.....too horrible, so thank me for sparing you.
In a new avoidance technique, I spent some time with the Fine artist statement generation. First you get a piece of poetry that represents you speaking on your work....

Measuring space, constructing realities
Putting into place forms a matrix of illusion and disillusion
A strange attracting force
So that a seduced reality will be able to
Spontaneously feed on it.

Golly, gee whiz.....I am so literate. Now here is the artist statement.....get your heavy duty waders on.

Gabrielle Swain explores abstract and meditative scenery as motifs to describe the ideas of infinite space and reality. Using simple shapes and intention line work, Swain creates meditative environments which suggest the expansion of time and space....

Well, shut my mouth, if I had only known what I was doing I might have even accomplished it. Funny, though, these aren't bad descriptions of my newer series. Wouldn't apply to any of the leaf quilts but the minimal series and the Earth Strata series fit perfectly. What a hoot! If you happen to come upon these in a show, remember where you saw it first.

More on the blasted editing computer later.
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Nah - that's not you. Too sterile, not enough "dirt". LOL