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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Online Class Brewing to Perfection

Things have been bubbling to the surface about the on line class. Pat brought up some good points in her comments on my last post. Time is the main factor. With our lives so busy and still wanting to create having another deadline is the last thing we need. Also, what a great way to stifle creativity if your work schedule, family, fill in the blank needs you and your on line class needs work.

Following that thought, here's what I decided. First, we will do a class on creativity. The class will include art projects and issues that surround your goals and direction. There will be no time limit on accomplishing your assignment. However, each month I will give a new assignment for those who work quickly. Also, if you choose not to do an assignment you are free to do so. My only caveat is that we talk about why you didn't choose to do the assignment, i.e., time, other committments etc.

Another aspect of the class is that you can email me at any time with questions. No limit and as always there are no unimportant questions. Along with that we will have once a month individual telephone conferences. I will choose two days a month. Send out the dates and times, you email back with your name and phone number and I will call you at the appointed time. Try to have your questions formulated before the call since each call will be limited to 30 minutes. All calls will be on my nickel since you have paid for the class.

As to cost, this class will be a six month committment. That is only six lessons so if you decide you want to continue, we can discuss that at the end of the six sessions. Cost will be due at the beginning of each month so you can drop out at any time. The cost per month will be $35.

Let me know what you think. What would you like to do if not creativity? Does this type of schedule work for you?
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sandy said...

Wow! It sounds great just as you've described. And I love the idea of being held somewhat accountable [even if just to the extent of taking the time to look at why not, should that be the case].