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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve

Today I am going in here even though it appears daunting but with just a few quick throws space will be available.

I am not going in here...yeah, yeah, I know deadline, sales, etc. However, there is only so much comfort in creativity of this kind. I need to touch fabric.

Or these already layered, ready to quilt pieces that have been languishing in their batting. Maybe it is like marinating meat or vegetables. The more flavor they have the longer they rest.

Or I might start a new project...
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Linda Branch Dunn said...

O gosh that feels like me in my studio. Especially the part about quilts in their batting. Marinating. I like that. Yes. Perhaps they are rising, like dough, or curing like wood. Taking on the patina of time. Going through piles always unearths pieces I've completely forgotten.