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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Fat Lady Sings, Goes Home, Gets Thinner

Finally the Halloween costume pictures.... Jessica was quite the draw to the booth...sorry about the bad lighting...and I was gypsy palm reader. I actually read a few palms to the amazement of the willing subjects....and they were amazed that I was right. It's an old trick but pleased them so it became a treat.

Tra, la, la....we get to move out today and start home Monday morning. Today is the last day of festival. It has been such fun to see students from ages ago and not so long ago. The quilts have brought tons of people into the booth. Ya think I should get myself into the studio and get some new work finished. Hmmmm...sounds like a plan.

The one thing I am sure of is this fat lady is going back to rowing....since the option of singing is out of the question. Only a few extra lbs. to carry around and I am totally pooped at the end of each day. Last year when I was "Miss Exercise Junkie" I had much
more energy than this year. Also I don't remember having as much trouble sleeping but I will have to
check my journals and previous blog posts. Oh, no, it all comes back to me now, I fell in the bath and
cracked a couple of ribs...stretched my intercostal (question spell check) muscles....couldn't row. Yep, that was the beginning
of the slippery slope. Did I stop eating like I was when exercising and burning tons of calories each
day? Nah, that would have been to smart?

When you are exercising, you can get away with an occasional trip/slip/indulgence in the foods you
love but shouldn't eat......but when you are sitting beached whale style, you must be more careful in
your choices. Speaking only for myself....I can't get away with it. Also, I am on a buying moratorium so
I refuse to buy larger size clothes.....after divesting myself of a closet full of former wearables. I must
get this
old, tired body back into shape....and into the clothes I have.

Last year I did the 200K Thanksgiving to Christmas challenge with my wonderful rowing buddies at
Concept 2. This year if I start building up rowing time as soon as I get home, I might be able to do the
100K.....for grandmas and children. How far the in shape have fallen!

Hope y'all enjoyed the extra hour of sleep. I woke up at 7 am, wouldn't ya know.....but did get a good
night in falling asleep after 10 pm. We have to be on the floor at 11 am and move out immediately after 5 pm closing. A short but sweet last day.....ya hoo! Check in with you as soon as I have given sweet Ronnie lots of attention. Will he even recognize me after all this time on the road?
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Debra said...

Ah Ms. Gabbie you must get back to the rowing! Since becoming the "gym rat" that I didn't know I was, I am a very changed woman. I glow! (I glow almost 40# lighter, too...). That glow is more valuable than the missing weight and I only get it from exercise.

Valeri said...

You still look good so don't fret it!
And I forgot to say have a very handsome son! As well as clever!