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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Something Old and Some New Ideas

We had a great Thanksgiving. Lots of food, talked with the sons who couldn't be here, watched the Cowboys game with R and Thom. Threw the diet and exercise out the window and enjoyed every moment. Fall weather arrived just in time for the festivities and with it a renewal that always comes to me this time of year. For me the Autumnal Equinox has always started a new cycle of energy, creativity and ideas. Guess it was too many years in school and theatre....or being born in this season. Who knows but I am ready to go.....went to the studio, got out a long over due commission, decided it needed more stitching, so below is the empirical evidence.....actual stitches started, with my favorite fancy threads. The surface design is done and some stitching but the additional work will add another layer of interest.....making it more dimensional. It feels so good to be away from the computer for awhile and in the studio.

While in the studio, a lost quilt gets a new life. This is one of my famous "If it isn't working, cut it up" experiments. The working title is "Klimt Collects Beach Glass." It is very small but that is a good thing. This might not be the final orientation but you have to start somewhere.

With Christmas approaching, the knitting basket called to me. Tons of great yarn, a simple scarf pattern and time for at least a couple of scarves or maybe even a pair of socks or two. Knitting is such a fun way to get a color fix without all the decisions required for a new quilt. Also at this point a very fast, satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Finally, the ideas for finishing work, ways to do great dissolves and all sorts of big dreams are flashing through the "little grey cells." For the first idea, some feedback from you dear readers is required. My thoughts are wrangling around starting an on line class. It would be hosted from my web site so you could sign up and pay through a secure server. My question to you would be is this something you would be interested in? After that subject matter, would you prefer technique or a creative exercise class? I leave it up to you. If you are interested either post in the comments or send me an email privately with you thoughts. All suggestions welcome, regardless,and of course, opinions of all kinds will be considered. Told you this is my time of the year....ah, renewal and crisp weather.

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Valeri said...

I love the piece 'Klimt Collects Beach Glass'. The colours are so sympathetic. It will be interesting to see what eventually happens to it.
Wish I could knit! Three times I've started a pair of socks and three times I've undone them! The first pair I attempted looked like something for a cloven hooved beastie!

Patricia said...

I bought your borrowed tools cd at festival and have been playing with Shiva paint sticks and textured rubbings. I am still mulling over the possibilities.

An online class would be interesting but it would depend on how it is structured. My time is in bits and pieces so I would be more interested in a structure that when you finish one lesson you get the next as opposed to a do this lesson in the next two weeks so you finish by x date.

I am currently enrolled in online classes at my community college so I know how much time and how hard it is to keep to a deadline

Karoda said...

Why limit the type of classes for online? Do you have any more forthcoming cds?

I've taken a few online classes and I'm not good with meeting the deadlines of the class while in progress but I did value being able to print out the detailed lessons and use them at my own pace.