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Monday, November 26, 2007

Creative Sparks

Here goes the skinny on the on line class. Thanks for your emails and comments which prodded me to get it together in a concise form.....well, at least concise for me.

Title: Creative Sparks
A six month long class centered on exercises to develop, discover and experiment with our creative potential. In this class we will do art projects with certain guidelines set by me. These projects can be created in the media of your choice: fiber, paper, paint or all the above. We will also do exercises on issues that confront why we don't get to the work, internal dialogues that inhibit us and other issues of time and external obligations.

The class assignments will begin in January and end in June. Six lessons with no deadline for completion. If you choose not to do an assignment but continue with the progress of a previous assignment, feel free to do so. However, I would like to hear from you regarding your decision so we can look at the cause.

Each time you complete an exercise, email a jpeg to me if it is an art project or an written, journal style entry if it is a dialogue exercise. During the course of each month, you will have total access to me via email. No limits and remember no unimportant questions. Also each month, I will choose 2 dates with time slots for individual telephone conferences to discuss any blocks, questions, etc. you might be experiencing. I will email you the dates and times; add your name and telephone number and I will return an email with the time for your conference. Please formulate your questions carefully since each call will be limited to 30 minutes. All calls will be at my expense since you paid for the class. If you discover your time is inconvenient, please email me so we can re-schedule.

The cost for the class is $35 a session due the first of each month. Since January 1st is a holiday, please make your payment some time within the first week of January so I can send out your assignment. Oh, and did I mention that you might not all get the same assignment. Surprise, surprise. When you sign up for the class, please include in the comments your blog, website or email me with some images and thoughts so each of you will have assignments geared to your personal needs. By and large, we will be working on the same issues so we can become a support group. However, there may be times when one student has issues that are particular to them. I want to be able to address these issues when they arise.

All payments can be made through my secure shopping cart for your protection or by check. The button to sign up will be on the site in December. Class size is limited to 15. If you would like to be included but don't wish to pay at this time, please email me so I can put you on the list...first come, first served. In January, I will send you a reminder so you can opt out or pay.

I am limiting the class size so I can give you individual personal to you needs responses, critique (gently) your work, suggest books and guide you to new appreciation of your creative sparks. This will be an exciting, productive journey for all involved. I hope you will consider joining us.

Sample Exercise
Art Project: Work in a style you have never used, i.e., collage, torn paper, crayons, markers, ink or paint on fabric or canvas. Second guideline: You can only use a single image, shape in different scales to create the work. Try working no larger than 11" x 17". You can always enlarge the design if it inspires you to create a larger piece. Remember this is to get you out of your comfort zone and start exercising those creative muscles. Some images you might consider for this exercise are letter (alphabets, fonts), a single flower in many different sizes, a shell in different proportions, squares, spirals. Remember to change the scale for visual interest. Try one exercise within an irregular grid. Layout another in an overall free form composition.

So whadda ya think? Looking forward to hearing from you.

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gabrielle said...
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Christina Ferguson said...

I am very interested in joining your online class. I am a quilter (23 years of quiltmaking) I'm in the process of turning a corner creatively and its great, but I want more guided input to play with. How can I get signed up?

Christina Ferguson

Wil Opio Oguta said...

Hi Gabrielle,
I am interested in this class. How do I sign up for it? You can see some of my work on my blog: wilopiooguta dot blogspot dot com