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Monday, November 19, 2007

Me and My Shadow/Computer

Please allow the refrain of "Me and My Shadow" to run through your head while reading.

I freely admit that I am totally insufferable right now and on two counts. 1. I am having to learn how to use a new program, well, new to me. 2. I know just enough to catch when there is an error in lighting, audio, editing in a television program or movie. Which means I am not winning any popularity contest on the home front.

While y'all are preparing for Thanksgiving, I am running between the editing computer and my regular computer which has Photoshop on it, editing, putting stills in Photoshop to make titles, uploading them to my jump drive, downloading them to the editing computer, putting titles on them, etc.,etc.

This isn't whining.....sigh....just reporting. Only Thom will be here for Thanksgiving so I don't have to jump through hoops for the three of us. I do plan on doing a small feast, smallbeing the operative word. I will take the day off......part of my plan for the new year.....but until then it's nose to the key pad.

Losing an editor to circumstances beyond my control has been a good lesson. I do know how and love to delegate projects but in the future, I know I will have to be more involved in the process. If I had paid more attention to my former editor, I would know more now that would be to my advantage. Shame on me.....'cuz now I am paying for being lazy.

Thanks Deb and Sue for the comments on my last post. Wish I had time to email everyone thanks but I do appreciate hearing from you. Hey Deb, we still have vinyl, turntable, etc. that we could plug in anytime if we dug it out of the relic drawer.

Here's wishing you all too much turkey surrounded by the one's you love. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Anonymous said...

Poor MIss G! I did a smidgen of video editing this year - and it can drive you NUTS! Be nice to yourself, ok?!

StegArt said...

Sounds like you are quite busy at it. Happy thanksgiving!