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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Christmas Clean Up

Now the real work begins. After a long year of traveling and teaching, house keeping has become a very low priority. With the family arriving soon,things have to be re-arranged and cleaned. My poor unused rowing machine will have to be folded and put away. A perfect excuse for not using it. Why didn't I think of that sooner? Out of sight;out of mind. Instead of being constantly in my line of sight taunting me, it could have been silently resting in another room. But no, I have kept it in plain sight on the off chance an intense urge to exercise might strike me...yeah, sure.

Sweet Ronnie and I are both pack rats so there is no hope of him suddenly developing an urge for neatness. The stack of detritus below belongs to me. Books to be read, journals and sketch books.....even some knitting. Into the studio with all this so that at least the carpet can be seen. How have I let things go this far? Joy of joy,I know, I can blame my mother. I was an only child and she always had a maid twice a week. Not only did I never really learn how to clean but also I never really had the chance. It was all done before I had a chance to even try. Notice how easily I abdicated the responsibility for my own deficiency.....what a great rationalization. You can use it for free.

And the final injustice, all the blue glass has to be washed. Dusting won't do since it leaves the inside of the glass filthy.....which effects the way the light shines through the glass. Moral of the story: Be careful what you collect; it can come
back to haunt you. Even with the task ahead, I would not trade a single piece of the glass. Each has a special memory of where it was found or who gave it to wash it I will, each and every dusty piece.

The reward for all this health department prevention is that I get to spend the entire weekend in the studio. Reward,reward for a job left to long unattended. What I will spare you from are the pictures of my closet. I think there is a suit case still unpacked from some trip...not sure where or when. I am shameless...and hopeless.

A quick note: The Creative Spark class is full. Thanks to all of you who signed up. Expect a call from me after the first of the year so we can talk about where you are,where you want to go and set some goals so I can refine the exercises to your needs. I am so excited about working with you and learning from you.

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