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Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year's Non-Resolution

Last night I was reading Christine Kane's blog at
and found a great idea. Instead of making new year resolutions which we are all unlikely to keep, Christine and one of her friends pick a word each year as a touchstone for that year. A seed planted that they can watch grow to full bloom. An energy and commitment that they use a a reminder of what the year is to unfold.

Being enchanted with this, I have chose a word from Christine's list: effortlessness
Catchy,no? Imagine floating through the year effortlessly. I may even start this mantra before the old year fades away.

Take a look at this gorgeous face....I think Christine may already have the effortlessness thing down. Check out her site for a selection of words....or possibly you have some lurking in the little gray cells.


Sue B said...

Thanks for posting this link, I think her idea is a great one and I'm going to pick a word for myself too.

Karoda said...

Christine has a great list of words,...Peace still remains my favorite. but I could adopt discipline for 2008.