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Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Tale of a Feline Thief

How harmless and cuddly and deceptive Busby can be. Who would think this sweetheart is a destroyer of quilts? Indeed, he is at heart a lover of fabric...maybe too much of a lover. I had started an Earth Strata tryptich in 2006, one of my students wanted to buy it unfinished. I told her it wouldbe awhile before I could get it done due to other committments. Never thinking it would take so long...ahem!

I put it in the stack with all my works in progress or at least I thought I had. When she emailed me regarding the quilt,I went in search of same. I had two of the smaller pieces finished but needed to finish the largest piece of the three. Quilts flying everywhere, fabric flying off shelves but no quilt to be found.

Enter Busby....somehow the piece managed to put itself in the closet where I keep my yarn and store finished quilts.....which, by the way is now full of Thom's clothes, so I can't find anything. Putting on my miner's helment and with shovel in hand, I began digging through various clothing and quilts. Finally crumpled in the far reaches of a corner, the quilt was found in a state of total dis-repair. Not only was it completely covered in cat hair but he had pulled the edges of the batting off and kneaded holes in the surface with his back paws. Just like he wanted it all nice and comfy.

I emailed the client that the quilt was not retrievable. Offered her one of my new art pieces or to start another Earth Strata. I haven't heard from her yet but hope to soon. I am devasted and yet Busby still lives. Seeing how taking his life would be bad karma, he is saved but only because he is so darn cute....and after all, it was only a major art piece.
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