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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

TheAvoidance Game

There may appear to be food in this pantry,but upon closer examination you will see that there is very little edible goods. Why is this? Simply put, I have a love/hate relationship with grocery shopping. The love part involves cooking. The whole process is reminds me of chemistry class....which if you think about it,cooking really is chemistry. You add heat, reagents, etc. and end up with a new compound. Mad scientist at work.

The freezer is also seriously lacking.....having cooked all the goodies I had stored away for a rainy day. There is a couple of bags of brussel sprouts....lonely looking for friends. Something must be done but you know what that means. I have to go to the grocery store.....the dreaded public food storage building...filled with people who are on a mission, run over you with their carts (please tell me they don't drive that way) and never enough check out lines to accomodate all the shoppers. My biggest complaint is that if they are out of something I need on the shelves asking someone to see if they have it in stock in the back is like asking them to climb Mt. Everest. First there is the rolling of the eyes,then the "Well,if it's not on the shelf; we probably don't have it" and then with a heavy sigh they finally agree to check. My point is if I don't spend $ they don't get paid so what's the big problem????

Obviously, the regrigerator is not in a good place either. There is no recourse but to be bold and face my avoidance and venture into the know world of grocery shopping. Our local Albertson's used to deliver to your door. Now that's my kinda shopping but they have discontinued the service...blast! How could they knowing how this experience fills me with dread and anxiety and rolled over toes. How unthinkable and rude of them. I no longer shop there.

So off to the shower, try to find something that fits my expanding girth,and keeping fingers crossed that I can get in and out without an accident. The upside is getting to cook, so in the end it will be worth whatever pain might ensue. Am I the only one who suffers from this phobia? Are there folks who really love grocery shopping?
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Valeri said...

I hate grocery shopping. In fact I just hate shopping! And I have to do it tonight!Ugh!

StegArt said...

My biggest gripe is when other shoppers stop to gab in the aisle. They push their carts into a 'v' formation so that no other can get by them and then they conveniently ignore all the glares from everyone. Also I hate when a shopper parks their cart on one side of the aisle and then stands on the other side to read the label of every can on the shelf and thus taking up the whole aisle anyway.

Anonymous said...

LOATHE shopping! UGH! DH is somewhat obsesso about it though so we usually have to go to the supermarket every day or two, while he hunts for the super-pov specials (the green stickered reduced items that are about to go out of date...)
Don't even ask about clothes shopping - DOUBLE UGH!

Nope, not alone!

Deb said...

I like shopping (our Publix plays 50's & 60's oldies the minute I walk in!) but I'M BORED buying the same ole, same ole so I have turned the procurement over to other adults in the household. You buy it, and I'll cook it. Maybe.

Karoda said...

NOW grocery shopping I can do!!! Love it when I'm feeling physically good. And even when I'm not at my best it cheers me. I also like grocery shopping with friends...makes it more of a social event.