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Thursday, December 27, 2007

More Back to the Real World

Looking back on my lack of posts during the Christmas frenzy, I dawned on me how much we focus on three single days of the year to share with friends and family....Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. For goodness sake, it even prompted me to clean house. Now it isn't like I couldn't have done this weeks before but it was the expectation of everyone arriving that got me off the couch.

So I am going to approach 2008 with a new frame of mind.....I love the idea of not measuring it was a piece of fabric or how much something weighs. Success is not a measurement but a feeling. It is appreciating the small steps as well as the giant leaps. Since I journal about working, I will add to the journal daily joys, no matter how large or small. I will stop measuring success, especially by external, worldly standards, and start feeling successful....just the simple joys of daily life are successes if you truly feel them.

As I look back on the year, it has had it's turbulent moments but there have also been many fun, silly and productive moments. While the year fades into another year of unknown possibilities, my journaling will reflect back on some of these amazing moments.

Along with this, while compliments are always appreciated and external validation can bring a smile to any one's face, I have come to the conclusion that my art is only important if it matters to me. The trap of working for a particular exhibition, lines on a resume, pleasing the public for sales can be a maze where you run through continuously looking for the cheese.

The problem with the transition in my work was brought on by what others would think about the work.....not what I was gaining from the I discontinued the pursuit of the work. Oops, I lost sight....the importance of the work is what it holds for me.

Whether you journal or not, find a piece of paper and reflect back on the amazing moments you experienced this past year. Give some time to think about how you view success....but most of all, give yourself the gift of possibilities unknown for the coming year.

Clinking glasses of your favorite libation to Auld Lang Syne


Mrs. Mel said...

Such wisdom from such a young person. Happy New Year!

Valeri said...

Well I reckon you've found a lot of success.Whenever I open a book (and I open many!), lo and behold there is your name and a picture of a quilt. Works for me! Even though I've never met you in person it gives me a glow! Happy New Year!