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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Back to Work

Wasn't yesterday fun? Thanks for all the sweet comments on our love story. Check out Deb's story at: Red Shoe Ramblings and Val and Martin's coming together at Dyeing2Sew.
Learning so much about each other is one of my favorite aspects of the blogworld....even though we are all so far away, we feel like friends....and when we do meet as Deb and I recently did in California, you find we do have so much to talk about and share so many interests beyond quiltmaking.

We have not as of yet gotten anyone to take on the script of the Ronnie and Gabrielle story but I am voting for Johnny Depp and agreeing with Deb at RSR that if he takes the deal, I will play myself just to be in his presence.....sigh! But enough of this foolishness, back to the real world.

Working like a mad fool in the studio today because grandkidlet number 8 is due tomorrow. They live 2 1/2 hours away so grandma and the super black Nissan will be flying down interstate 35 to be there for Benjamin Jace's arrival to the world.

A couple of pictures to show you the decisions I made on the sky piece and the progress of the leaf combo piece. Spending a couple more hours working on the leaves and then layering up the sky piece and the aerial earth strata from ages remember looks like New Mexico.
That should give me a good start on next year's show circuit....the tryptich abstract, sky, and earth strata...and remember I hand quilt.

The good and bad news is after market I am free until the end of January.....the bad news is neither one of my Art Quilt Tahoe classes made....why didn't y'all sign up.....but I am betting after Quilt Market I will be a wee bit exhausted so all's well that ends well.

Will keep you posted on baby arrival....back to work.


Valeri said...

How do you KNOW that Benjamin Jace (nice name) will arrive tomorrow? Expected and arrive are two very different words when its babies we're talking! I went up to be with my daughter when Alfred Leo (ghastly names) was expected and he arrived the day after I left! And I was there for a week!

Gerrie said...

I am so disappointed that I won't get to hang out with you at Art Quilt Tahoe!

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