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Monday, September 12, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday...Body Parts

left hand

When thinking about body parts, I immediately knew my first self-portrait would be my hands but since you need a hand to use the is my left hand. Hands have fascinated me all my life. I remember being a small girl looking at the hands of all the men that worked in the town where I lived. Their hands told the story of their lives....what kind of work they did...their gestures told of gentleness or self-sacrifice.

I continue to have this fascination....especially since as an artist, our hands are one of our most important instruments. However, it goes beyond that for me....our hands reveal the texture of the world to us. The grainy quality of the earth, the softness of mushy or crisp our food is. One of my guilty pleasures is eating with my fingers things that you normally would use a spoon or fork for. I love the heat or cold that your hands bring to your awareness. Of course, being a quiltmaker, some days it is all about touching the fabric....letting it glide through your hands into art.

Even though it is Monday, thought this better get posted tonight because there is still no Benjamin. I am sure he is waiting for me to go to Long Island to teach before making an, what are you gonna do with 'em? He is taking his own sweet time even now.Posted by Picasa

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