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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Why can't I stop doing these things.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 21)
Some guy out in Nebraska had a dream. He looked out upon the cornfields and prairies of Middle America and thought, "This would be the perfect place to build a replica of Stonehenge using CARS instead of ROCKS!" And so he did. He called it CARHENGE, and you can visit it just outside Alliance, Nebraska. I smell a Scorpio here, ya'll. You Scorps are dreamers, but your real talent is being able to make a buck off it. I don't expect you to go off and build a replica of Easter Island using Coke cans and marbles, but I do see a few months ahead of creativity and -- yes -- money. To get your hands on the green stuff make sure you don't keep your ideas all to yourself, and you'll be rolling in the dough, Scorpio.

Oh if this were only true....I promise to keep my mouth shut if I think of a way to make more money.

Off to lunch to celebrate my best friend's birthday which was in August....right on time, don't cha think. Well, at least it was before Christmas.

However, be prepared this afternoon for another posting in reponse to Mel's hand quilting through Wonder Under challenge. Have to dig up a couple of pics of some hand quilting Gabrielle style. Although, I must admit Mel dahling that your hand quilting is perfect...beautiful for your work. ....but you know I have to take up the gauntlet for old-fashioned stuff. Another problem you mentioned "Machine quilting" to hold everything together. Alas, a skill I am not capable of....more later.

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Debra said...

OOO... this horrorscope seems to bode well for Houston...

And we all know about your creativity binge here...

So yours says be creative and make money... and mine says eat well and stop worrying. Can I be Scorpio instead???

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