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Friday, September 23, 2005

Moving On

Thanks to everyone who commented and emailed. I am better today...still pushing through some sludge but seeing the end in sight. It is rare that I get this overwhelmed so I guess I had a good one coming. You know my type, happy to be alive, every day is a joy and working like there is no tomorrow....guess it all just caught up with me.
Mary's post about the autumnal equinox struck home. Every career I have ever had in the arts, the new season started in the fall. For me this is a time of beginning, when nature starts to go dormant, preparing for spring's arrival. It is my favorite season for the beauty of it's own and for the beauty it is about to bring. Thanks Mary for reminding me of how important this time is in my life.
However, what really made my day was a nice evening with Charles and Christy. Charles has become interested in model railroading....just so happens there is a shop close to our house. Killing two birds with one stone, he got to visit the shop and then they arrive here with the most beautiful arrangement of purple glads (one of my favorite flowers) brighten mom's day. Did I do a great job bringin up these boys or what? Actually, I think it was Christy's idea...what a sweetheart.
Speaking of Christy, remember her knee replacement surgery.....amazing...looks like she could run a marathon. Don't do it yet, Christy but she is zooming around all over the place. What a gift from medical science.
I know many of you are very far away from this time in your life but I have the most wonderful daughters in law on the planet. First, they all love my sons and have been supportive through thick and thin. They are great mothers to the grandkidlets.....your turn next, Christy. Without Kelly (Craig's wife), there would be no DVD's on the market....and she has been a rock going through all the difficulities of premie twins. I am hoping she is finally getting to exhale but now since they are teething and trying to crawl, the fun is just beginning.
Jillaine, Chris' wife, kept the home fires burning while he was is Iraq....always staying in touch with him to keep his spirits up while explaining to their daughters, dad will be home soon. She is a pure, sweet soul...always thinking of others....and now Benjamin Jace's new mom.

I realize all this is off topic but I hope my sons realize what wonderful women they have in their lives....wishing them long and happy partnerships. "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?" Hope they reach many anniversarys even after Ronnie and I are gone....of course, but not forgotten.

With that said, off to work...not sure if it will be office or studio but work it is today....still with loud rock 'n roll, wine, unfortunately taking Lipitor so must monitor alcohol intake but may treat myself with a cookie...and rowing to Canada tonight on Deb's suggestion....last night got lost at sea with family fun.

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jenclair said...

Family goes a long way to reassuring us when the blues and/or high anxiety take over Glad you are feeling better. The problem with depression is that often the things that make you feel better, you often don't have the energy to do - paradoxic effect. Hopefully, the visit from the kids will have a lasting benefit -

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