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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hugs and Kisses

Thank you all for making my day...don't feel quite so alone as I did earlier. With all that is happening on our Mother Earth at the moment, you can't help but get the blues. Even though we haven't all met, I feel as if you are my friends, fellow artist and great companions. It is good to know that there is somewhere you can turn when you need to get things off your chest....of course, there is the local bar....nah!
After listening to all my whining, I realized that the perfect response to all that is happening in the world is art. Art is meant to elevate, evoke, educate and inspire. We all know this but sometimes that little voice in our head gets in the way...whispering....freak out...this is too much to comprehend.
My donation to the Gulf Coast disaster will be monetary since that seems to be what everyone says will do the most good. My donation to my world will be art. Speak to the feelings you are having through your work. It doesn't have to all be doom and can express the light of hope and dignity.....but work. Release all that is bottled up.
None of you needed to hear already knew it...again I am talking to myself.
Thanks again for making my day brighter.....the ring has grown to a living community.


Karoda said...

Hi Gabrielle...I made myself get up and play with transferring and played my music really loud today to ward off the malaise I felt earlier. I so agree with you about art as a gift to the world...we watched Primetime tonight and to keep my anger in check toward a certain person who dares to call himself Presi%$!# I came online to read AQ blogs for comfort and relaxation before turning in.
hangeth in, friend

Caitlin said...

*hugs* the red head!

Cathy said...

Hi Gabrielle
And I thought it was only me that was feeling so down and anxious. I agree, me thinks there's just to much uncertainty in the world right now. That's why I added the suggestions/link from Kevin to my blog

Debra said...


how can we feel blue with such a rosy background greeting us??

Yesterday I worked on a charity quilt to ship to Texas... and I mentally designed a reaction to Katrina quilt. I hope to get a good start on this weekend.

Yep.. that's it..Let the ART speak for us.

Rayna said...

Heartbreaking: I cannot get rid of the underlying sadness I feel at this human tragedy. It's good to know we are not alone in being angry at the bushit and lack of response from this sad excuse for a government. I have not once put on the tv since this whole thing happened. Not once.

And it is equally good to know there are people out there with huge and generous hearts. Let's pull together and make it happen!

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