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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Taking My Own Advice

Since I suggested we let our art speak for us...that our response to world events should be art...I decided to take my own advice. As y'all know I have been working on nature quilts for over ten years, leaves, earth strata....well, for some reason yesterday, the idea of sky struck me. As above, so below. Sorry the pictues are so dis-jointed, but the quilt is too long for my short legs to get it high enough over the table.
Also, you know I am a hand quilter and love doing fancy stitching on my work. I wanted something simple to show off the stitching but still gave the feeling of sky.....since we have big sky here, complicated applique didn't feel like the right approach. Wish me luck on the pieceing, we all know it isn't my best skill. I am lacking in two serious skills it takes to be a quiltmaker: I can't cut a straight line and I can't sew a straight line. However, I can quilt fairly well so I will consider this a whole cloth quilt. No reason why whole cloth has to be one piece of fabric is there?
Plans are for lots of surface design techniques: Neo Color, pen and ink, Shiva paint sticks, etc before fancy stitching. Obviously it is just a few pieces of fabric at the moment so it needs something. Hoping with the long weekend to get it well under way and finish the basting on the blue quilt.
All we can do is change our corner of the world....donations of money and goods....and sending light and love to all those in harm's way. There is no rhyme or reason for all that is happening in the world but we can speak to it through the voice we have: art.
One of the tenets of art is to bring order out of chaos. This is actually a design principle but for me, at the moment, it applies to society at large. Allow your feelings free rein; don't hold back...who cares if it is a is your way of coping.
Count your blessings during this long weekend.
To the advice, my spirits were lifted by working. The world doesn't go away, but for a moment you can find a place of peace from the external turmoil.


Rayna said...

Gabrielle! I know how you feel when you think nobody is reading your blog: I feel depressed every time I get 0 comments and just assume nobody loves me. But I also know that if I left a comment on every blog I read I wouldn't have time to blog -- if you know what I mean.

Love the piece on your wall -- it is coming from somewhere else and I'd never guess it was yours. Hmmm. I also identify with can't draw or sew a straight line - neither can I, and I don't care. In fact, I think it is an advantage if you are making ART.

Valeri said...

I like your attitude and I wish you were taller. I want to see ALL the piece at one go! The colours are so sypathetic and it is full of light. Look forward to seeing more soon!

Deb R said...

I love how this new piece is turning out, Gabrielle. Looking forward to seeing where you take it from here.

Caitlin said...

YUMMY! I can't draw/cut/sew a straight line either, LOL! But we mange to work eith our strengths and weknesses, yes? Glad you are WORKING!

Caitlin said...

and I type faster than I spell...

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