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Friday, September 09, 2005

The Ronnie and Gabrielle Story

Okay, I got absolutely nothing done yesterday except paperwork and business stuff.....and even though this is an art quilt ring, I am going off topic to tell you the Fairy Tale love story of us.

Ronnie and I met when I was 23 and he was 26. He hadn't been back from Viet Nam long and was wound tighter than a clock. I was doing my master's work in World Religion (don't even ask) at TCU. The best part is I was living with (shock, horror) a guy that he knew from the National Guard.
During their summer camp for the Guard, I decided to drive down one weekend to see my guy, who wasn't Ronnie. I get on post and am driving down this dirt road...coming up the road are the grungiest bunch of guys you have ever seen. I stop and ask directions to HQ...Ronnie is one of the guys who tells me how to get there. He says it was love at first sight. I even remember exactly what I was wearing, a purple halter top (no bra, of course, remember this was1971) and hip hugger jeans.

I arrive at HQ and their CO, Donnie Talley (can you believe, I remember all this), says to another young Guardsman, "Put her in that room and don't let anyone else in." They had been there a week with no women so I guess he was concerned. Off he goes to get my guy, we spend the weekend together...he sleeps the entire time because they have been out in the field...I take him back to post and come home.

Suddenly, every time you turn around Ronnie is at our house (bird dog, shame, shame). My guy is always working on his race car so Ronnie and I get to know each other very well. He is brilliant, the most intelligent guy I have ever met. I always tell him I married him for his mind, not his body...sorry sweetie...but he is 5' 8" and only weighed 120 then.

Skipping over lots of stuff...guy and I break up and guess who is Johnny on the spot to comfort poor me. We date for a while, but way to soon Ronnie asks me to marry him. Hold the phone....first he is still so intense from Viet Nam I am a little concerned, plus I am doing my master's work and just broke up with the "love of my life." Can't tell you now how glad I am that I didn't marry the other guy....whew! saved by the bell. However, we are all still friends and he has been a part of our family for over 25 years.

Okay to bring this to a close....I say no...break Ronnie's heart because I am the love of his life. We go our separate ways. I end up quitting school, getting involved in metaphysics and meet "the Hunk." Gorgeous, soulful man but as I was soon to find out a wee bit irresponsible. We move to Houston, I am doing theatre and metaphysics, get a job offer in we go.
The hunk has a hard time keeping a job because he is too busy buying funny tobacco. I discover it is easier to support my family without him...sorry sweetie time to go bye-bye.

I should interject here that when I was younger, I didn't put up with S@#$ from anyone, much less a husband. Anyway, he's gone. I am working in Norfolk/Virginia Beach area....for some reason I think Ronnie might like to see this beautiful place. I call and invite him for a visit....but..he's living with another woman....looks like he recovered from broken heart....and doesn't think it would be a good idea. End of story...but wait, there's more.

Both my father and grandmother become seriously ill at the same time. My mom needs me I quit job...pack up kidlets and come back to Texas. Home for about a year, working a day job and doing theatre and decide to call Ronnie to come see the play I am directing. We go to lunch and sparks fly.....the time is almost ten years after we met, we get married.....and this May it will be 25 years of the Ronnie and Gabrielle story. Now ain't that romantic?


Debra Spincic said...

Great story! Congratulations!!

Valeri said...

Oh that is so sweet!

Gerrie said...

What a great story. Lets make a movie. Who do you want to play your part? I think the part of Ronnie could be played by almost anyone, but Tom Cruz!

Carol Logan Newbill said...

Tom Cruise is too short to play Ronnie. :p

Gabrielle should be played by someone completely fun and outrageous. Bette Midler, maybe.

gabrielle said...

Bette is too short to play me...I'm 5' 5". How about Johnny Depp for Ronnie...oooohhhh, aaaahhhh.

Debra said...

True Love... I needed this today. thanks.

Caitlin said...

awwwwwwwwwwww!true love! Wonderful story, G, thanks for sharing - and the photos are GORGEOUS!

Mrs. Mel said...

I think Ronnie should be played by Luke Wilson and you should be played by a much younger Holly Hunter. She has your verve,even if she doesn't look like you.

Did you know you had verve?

Deb R said...

I loved reading your love story!

I'm going to be a copycat and write mine too.

If Johnny Depp plays Ronnie, then the heck with hiring an actress for the movie. Play yourself. I'm just saying...

Sonji Hunt said...

Who's popular now? Have Reese Witherspoon play you. And, yes, Depp for the husband. Very good. Lovely romance. I like the time frame.

Gerrie said...

Oh, Johnny Depp is good, but I get Reese Withersppon to play me in my Love Story!! Ethan Hawke will be my Steve!!

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