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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Day One Progress

Don't look to close at the pieceing but I did get almost all of it done yesterday. Plan on finishing it up today but have a quandry. Which fabric works best on the outside edge? This kinda decision always drives me to distraction. Both are good, but so very different. Oh well, it will come to me....usually right after I piece one of the fabrics on and discover it is not working so that I have to un-sew.
I am a little concerned about the composition for this piece. Keep telling myself this is to be a whole cloth representative of sky.....but as an appliquer of usually complicated design is there enough going on in this piece? Still lots of surface stuff, remember but, wow, if simple is elegant this may fall into simple ain't enough.
I am using NeoColor I crayons on the piece...directly applied, and then heat set to blend the color and remove some of the wax build-up. Does that help Mel
Unless I am using a wet technique, I heat set directly on the surface without a press cloth. This gives me better blending and better color retention. Never had it transfer off on the far but you should see what works for you.
With three quilt tops finished, one in the basting process, another new project in the applique stage, what is a girl to do but start another quilt? However with all the teaching and, hopefully, quilt market coming, these will be all I get done until after October. My Art Quilt Tahoe classes didn't make....sorry to miss I will be on sabbatical until the end of January. Wonder how much trouble I can get into during that time?
Sidebar: We have all been given the gift of expressing ourselves. There is time for sorrow and time for internalizing the sorrow. Please try to use your emotions to bring some beauty to the world right now. It may seem selfish but trust me putting out all that positive energy changes things.....bringing light into the world instead of anger and darkness create thought forms that lift the spirit of all mankind.

P.S. I had to turn on word verification...sorry, I know this is a hassle but the blog spam was more than I wanted to deal with. Hope it doesn't keep you from commenting.


Louise said...

Thank you for your sidebar comments..I'm dealing with the sudden loose of my Mom, dealing with all her of her estate, my husbands health issues and watching Katrina victims try to survive and I've felt very overwhelmed and I'll admit depressed. Not my usual self for sure..I'm a glass half full type of gal..I woke up to your sidebar words this morning and it helped..I'm back out in my studio working on another piece for "fun".

Gerrie said...

What? You are not going to be at Art Quilt Tahoe? Say it isn't so!

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