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Friday, October 07, 2005

Falling Off the Map

Nope, I am here and still working...but not too hard. This week has been dedicated to household repair work and other family stuff. Market is looming ever closer....already behind with all that I need to do but waiting for the last minute to make things really exciting.
No new work but still working on the same old stuff. Not sure how this time management thing is going to work out but hopefully, something will come to me. I know I can do two things well but when you throw a third thing into the mix....well, it get's dicey.
Looking forward to this weekend because fall has finally arrived in Texas. One day it was 95 F. and the next it was 66 F. Today we woke to a rainy 51F. and I don't have my winter shoes ready yet.
Talk about your long, hot summers, we have had summer since the middle of May until the first week of October. Never got seriously unbearable but just tired of the heat....and waiting for my favorite season.
For me fall is a time of beginning....usually the teaching schedule is winding down and I get some solid studio time. However, my first day completely to myself...yesterday...I did absolutely nothing but potato-practice on the was so wonderful...just doing nothing...and not even thinking about doing anything. Fixed a nice dinner...I mean actually cooked not just throw something on the table or carry out but real home cooked fresh food.
No promises on the cooking front for the weekend but definitely working with no interruptions. Hope springs eternal....have a good one and will try to get some pictures posted from the productive weekend later.


Deb R said...

Your weather sounds like it did the same thing ours did. Yesterday it still felt like summer. Today it was autumn with a vengeance - cool, windy, and spitting rain. I had to wear a lined rain jacket to walk today.

I love the occasional couch potato sort of day. I find them very healing.

Rayna said...

I would KILL for a couch potato day! Will we find time for a martini in Houston???

Rayna said...
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