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Monday, October 10, 2005

Lest You Doubted Me

See I have been working...but must admit I have painted myself into a corner with the top of the leaf quilt. Cut into about twenty pieces of fabric and can't get anything to work. Tried a single piece and it makes it top heavy. A solution will come...the question is when. My free time to work on quilts is about to come to a halt until after market so it my be awhile before this resolution occurs.
Speaking of going to market, I am really flying by the seat of my pants on this one. I have no idea how many of anything to do for the event. For instance, Sample Spree...decided I would package some sets of dvd's instead of selling singles only. Sets of all three with a discount, sets of both surface design with smaller discount. Then there is brochures...been folding those suckers during downtime but when do you stop. How many is enough?
Of course, there is the fateful prognosis of what if I don't get any orders at all.....file under lesson learned at some expense. And last but not least, why did I think this was a good idea in the first place? As you can see, I am in a quandry over every aspect of my career.
That aside, I am gobsmacked that Sonji is only 20% can that be? I think a recount is necessary or maybe a check on the equipment. It is comforting to know that Mary and I are both 50% weird...sisters in arms.....and we don't care even better.
All the tv talk about the new season has me wondering what I watch as well...realized that at almost any hour somewhere on the airways you can watch an episode of CSI or Law and Order in one incarnation or another.....and they call the media liberal...tee hee...we are all crazy for getting the bad guys. My personal quest is trying to figure out who are the good guys as they appear very similar to the bad guys. Oh the burden of it all!


Caitlin said...

G, sweetie, to me you are the GODDESS of Weird and Wonderful, LOL!!

I'm hoping that market will be a HUGE success for you - you've worked so hard to get all this stuff together, and I love the idea of the special deals!

Valeri said...

Be optimistic! More is better! If you're demonstrating as well then you'll sell millions you're so good! You could sell ice to Eskimos! I know this! Grin! Have a fantastic time and ENJOY it!

Mrs. Mel said...

Just being your wonderful HOT self and having your wonderful quilts in the booth with you will bring the marketeers out in droves. You will be a smashing success and you will wonder why you fretted even for one moment.
Mark my words.

Debra said...

Hey, I was 20% wierd, too. Couldn't believe I could be so dull, so I refused to copy the text.

I am confident you will be a fabulous success at Market. How are your visuals and your dcd player plans going?

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