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Monday, November 14, 2005

And Now the Waiting Begins

Important Update: The fabric company loves my sense of color but not my designs...not suitable for fabric. At least the wait wasn't long even though it was a lot of work. I shall now frame some of the unsuitable fabric designs as Christmas presents for my kids. Heh! Heh! And they thought they were getting some really groovy presents...fooled again. Sorry folks, no Gabrielle Swain fabric, but it was a good exercise....had fun painting....nothing lost but time.

Talked with the fabric company this afternoon...told them there were several designs ready...and lo and behold! she asks me to scan them in and send them to her in jpegs. Now this would be fine but my flat bed is smaller than the paper I paint on so there was lots of re-arranging and re-scanning....but I got the job done. Now the waiting....sigh! It isn't like I am the only person she is working with and I would have been able to explain everything so clearly sitting across from her...but it was not to be.
First, we have to pass the jpeg test....they will print them out for all to see and then decide if I am someone they want to work with....better put someone who fits into their stable.
You know I will be neurotic as can be until I hear. It isn't the thought that they won't like them, it is the waiting. As long as I know what is going on, I'm good.
There is a bright side to this dilemna.....I get to sew! Somehow 20 minutes or so a day just isn't enough for me. Tomorrow, with needle in hand, I will be a happy quiltmaker.....and will try not to think about the decisions being made without me.


Valeri said...

Oh I am so sorry Gabrielle. Its always disappointing when this happens but don't let it stop you from trying again!

Deb R said...

Damn. Did they seem open to seeing more in the future if you had idease for a different series?

Gerrie said...

Well, isn't that crappy? You have a great attitude - one thing we love about you!!

Deborah said...

What exactly does "unsuitable for fabric" mean? Oh, who cares?! Back to beautiful hand dyed and amazing applique for you!

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