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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Time to Give Thanks

Hope you are all baking and cleaning in anticipation of the arrival of your loved ones for Thanksgiving. While this holiday is steeped in history, it has become a time for families to share and delight in each other over a wonderful meal without the pressure of shopping for the perfect gift. It is a time to get re-acquainted and delight in each other's company.
We are having a small Thanksgiving this year due to my work schedule for the past few months. Sweet Ronnie, Thom, the youngest, a family friend of twenty plus years and possibly Charles and Christy, if they feel like getting out. This will be one of the first years that the whole family hasn't as least stopped by for a visit and a bite. However, I know a good time will be had by all. It also means I have less work to do....ya hoo! Still giving me time to get some art in.
We all have so much to be thankful for so I just thought I would take time to mention a few of the things that have given joy to my life this year. I hope you take stock of your own life as the year comes to an end.
First, the twins are healthier and healthier all the time. They will still have some medical things to deal with as they grow older but they are doing great...a miracle right before our eyes.
Chris and Jillaine are not only the proud parents of a healthy baby boy but will soon be moving back to our part of the world. Chris is officially being discharged from the Army in January. However, he has enough leave time that they will be here this month. Now I will have my two lovely granddaughters and the new baby close.
Thomas, just finished the fall semester of his second year at law school. Seems like only yesterday he dropped out of pre-school. They made him take naps so remember even drop-outs can succeed in the world.
Charles and Christy are spending more time with us which is a wonderful blessing. They are such a perfect couple.....and too good to me.
Market was a success and am hoping after the first of the year orders from distributors will be coming in....don't want that inventory sitting around before the end of the year.
My work is going well...if not slowly...but the transition from realistic to abstract is finally sinking in. Since all of our deadlines are self-imposed, I am taking my time with this transition...again trying not to push the river.
Sweet Ronnie and I are enjoying our lives together with no children....we love them, don't get me wrong...but now it is time for us to start over as a couple. I really won the prize with this guy. He is my biggest fan, lifts my spirits when they flag, and always encourages me to try something new....never worry about mistakes, just do the work.
Last be not least, I am thankful that I have met all of you on the ring, as well as some wonderful students this past year. You have all given me much more than I could ever give you.
With all that said, eat, drink and be the ones your with and then get back to the studio to feed you soul. Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Rayna said...

hugs, Gabrielle, at this time to be thankful for all our good things - and for knowing each other and all the other wonderful artists we have met on the Internet.

Deb R said...

Beautiful post, Gabrielle. And I LOVE the photos your DIL made to add to your faery search SPT entry...fabulous!

Valeri said...

Happy Thanksgiving Gabrielle. We don't do Thanksgiving over here but I'm glad I've got to know you a little through the list. You have become a rod for my back! Grin!

Liz said...

Happy thanksgiving, Gabrielle, from here in the UK!

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