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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday, the weirdest day of all

Sunday is a strange, scattered day. Supposedly, the last day of the weekend before you get back to the grind to the weekly work. Rest, relaxation, family visits; All of this escapes me. Sunday is the day when all I that I can think about it what the week will bring. How busy I should have been last week? How I didn't get enough done the week before. In other words, Sunday isn't my favorite day because it reminds me of the week ahead and the week behind.
Did I accomplish everything I had in mind...never. Did I get all the paper work done..never. And yet, I can't seem to be motivated on Sunday because it is the last day before the onslaught of the week.
I could clean house but that takes so much effort working around Ronnie. I could and often do, sew, but with no great enthusiam because it is Sunday. Sketching and designing is also a possibly but easily distracted by something, anything. In other words, Sunday, for me, is not a day of discipline. Not a day of lazy musings about the next week but instead a day of fractured concentraction....going from one thing to another. This is a personal problem but one that ought to be resolved.
Sundays are like looking back on the past year and evaluating what you did, where you need to go and what has yet to be accomplished. Yet, we are only talking about a week not a year so time is rather compressed and doesn't allow for too much forward thinking....after all, we are only looking toward Monday, not 2006.
Not one to make too many resolutions (since I never accomplish them or remember them), I have decided that Sunday is going to be my official day off. A day in which I do nothing (you really believe that?) Okay, let's just say I won't do anthing that I don't want to. Certainly, sounds simplistic since most of us do that all the time (those of us without small children, that is).
What brought all this on...I realized this weekend that I have an incredible ability to focus on one thing at a time at the expense of all others. Good and bad, that thing gets done, but everything else falls apart. So today, this Sunday, I shall not plan next week or even worry about what I need to get done. Today I won't reflect on anything but the fact that this is Sunday.


Valeri said...

I hate Sundays because I know I have to go to work on Monday. If I can get anything at all done on Sunday I know I'm winning! And I never plan ahead for the week to come. That's just masochistic! lol Just enjoy it. You have most of Sunday ahead of you whereas I'm on the downward path to bed! And its dark and COLD!

Terry said...

Sunday is traditionally a "day of rest" and I think we all need that day. Though I end up working on Sundays from time to time, I still like to indulge myself with something every Sunday. I just got up (it is 9:45 am here) having spent two hours reading in bed--something I would only do on a Sunday! It's the day we walk down to the bagel shop for breakfast and often go to a movie matinee in the afternoon. I recommend it!

Gerrie said...

I love Sundays - always have. It is a day when I could count on Steve being around. I love going to church and hearing the music and checking in with friends. We ususally spend the day doing whatever we feel like - sometimes it is work and sometimes we go off and do stuff. Reading the Sunday NY Times is a big part of the day. We ususally have pizza for dinner so that I don't have to cook. By sunday night, I am ready to settle down and that is when I update the SDA website and watch those lacivious Desperate Housewive's.

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