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Friday, November 18, 2005

Coming soon from the studio

Lisa kindly asked what the next dvd was going to be (thanks, Lisa, so glad you like the Borrowed Tools) so here's the next release. Creativity on Demand.....what? Have you ever bought one of those books that has all these exercises designed to make you more creative? Or purchased a book on design and composition, read it and went "Huh?" Speaking for myself only this has happened to me but by trial and error finally figured out what the author was wanting me to do. Guess I am just too visual...if I see it done or watch someone work through the exercises I get it immediately. Assuming there are other folks like me, this dvd was born.

It will be full of ideas that you might not have thought to use, simple ways to kick start you during a time when the well seems dry and exercises to open new possibilities for design. The material is basically art 101 that is accessible. I will be doing the exercises with you (rather for you) giving you the explanation of what is going on and how you can accomplish the same work.

Hope this excites quiltmakers because I think we need to focus more on play and experimentation. Also, you can never know too much about design etc. As soon as my director moves back to Fort Worth (November 25), we will start shooting about a week later. We have to have the filming finished by mid-December, edited by January and released February 1.
Wish us luck...will keep you posted.


Valeri said...

I shall have HAVE to have a copy of this of course! Actually I think you are bad for me as I haven't worked as hard as I am now for some time! grin!

Valeri said...

Should have added - would you like a tester? lol

mary m. said...

Hold one for me!!!! Great idea for a DVD, Gabrielle

Gerrie said...

You are so right about those books with ideas. My bookshelf is filled with them and my good intentions. This is a great idea.

Debra said...

Add my name to the list of pre-orderers!! What a fabulous idea.

Just checked on the Twila book (again).. it won't be available until January now. but I am "pre-ordered" again.

Caitlin said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Are you taking pre-orders? If only I had a time machine and could whisk forward to when this available... I need it TODAY, I tell ya!

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

OOOhh! I can't wait. Hurry up and film it so I can buy one! (Thanks for answering my question)

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