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Monday, December 12, 2005

Better View of How These Work

I gotta tell you this being an artist ain't no easy job. Loved the design but couldn't get the sewing machine to go through the layers. This is really thick with the watercolor canvas and the Peltex. Gave up on that early this morning. Tried the Wonder Under thing...a total disaster...again because many pieces are on top and underneath other pieces, the WonderUnder wouldn't adhere everything smoothly.
After rescuing it from that disaster, I decided to try grommets. Visually good, technically not. So off to Home Depot...when in doubt, try hardware. Success...found something that will work. Whether or not it will hold the piece straight, without moving at odd angles all the time is still in question. Hopefully, it won't fall around like a limp rag. Wore myself to a frazzle trying to figure this out....but knew something would fall out of the sky as usual. You gotta just trust that you can make it work somehow.
Don't know if I will finish tomorrow or not. Had a great idea for son Craig and Christmas and since that is closer than I would want. Well, you get the idea...tomorrow might be Craig's project day.
So, whadda ya think? Is this acceptable? Or does it seem to clever, gimmicky (is that a word)? Posted by Picasa


Valeri said...

If the guy who invented the wheel had said 'do you think this is too gimmicky or what?' where would we be today? Go for it. If it works fantastic; if it doesn't, well you tried but back to the drawing board. I think they look groovy!

Caitlin said...

Clever, yes! Gimmicky - no! Great solution for a tricky problem. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone!

Sonji Hunt said...

Zip ties are great. Gabrielle, I often sew through lots of thick layers (Double peltex, painted muslin and canvas,wire mesh, etc. all at once sometimes) and I was wondering what size needle you used. I only sew with upholstery needles and never have difficulty. You may still want to add that linear element with your quilting line.

Debra said...


I love zip ties!!

Jules said...

Are those cable ties? What a cool idea.

Caitlin said...

Just to second something Sonji said - I know you are not best friends with your sewing machine, but for pure punching power, an old Singer can't be beat, IMHO. What sort of machine do you have? I have sewn through 7 layers of upholstery leather with several of my machines (to see if they could do it!) and three layers of fused timtex... I used the BIGGEST machine needle I could get. I lovelovelove the zipties, but no point in closing off options!

cfent said...

i love those things~
i have piles of them in assorted colors adn all i;ve done so far is look at them.
you go girl!

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