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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rowing Macine

Almost forgot to answer all the comments and email about the erg machine. This is the easiest way so please forgive the lack of personal responses. First, you are rowing in meters, not miles...big difference that we Americans can't seem to get. I have been rowing for over a year now and it has taken that much time for me to get to the point where I can row 10K+ in an hour. I don't do this everyday but when in competition or trying to drop a few lbs, I will do these long rows. Normally, I row between 5K and 6K meters a day. I try to row at least 5 to six days a week. The 5 to 6 K will take about 30 minutes once you get your rhythm.
The machine does fold in the middle for storage but if you fold it up you won't use it so mine is out all the time...except during social events which you I know I am having weekly.
I have not had any lower back problems because you aren't rowing with your back but instead with your abs. You follow forward with your arms and then pull back with your arms and abs.
Hope this answers so of the questions...if you have more I would be happy to try and answer.
P.S. In an hour of rowing you burn over 200 calories.....nice!


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Thanks for the rowing info! I'll head to the local Y and see if they have a concept2....they have two rowing machines, but not sure the variety. I'm going to ramp up the exercise plan in January....I've been losing about a pound a month. That means another YEAR on the diet, so need to kick it up a notch and reduce that to at least six months on the diet...that I can manage! Now, back to vegetating on the sofa, then quilting tomorrow?

Cheers, Sarah

Elle said...

I love rowing machines. It was always one of my favorite things to do at the gym. I need to get back into it.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

I finally made it to the Y. Did 1/2 22 minutes on the rowing machine and it said I burned 200 calories (was running at 10 then at 7 on the on after a young, tall guy who had it set at 10....). Then did 20 minutes on the exercise bike and burned 125 calories. Guess what I'm now doing?!

Yep...Curves 3 days a week, the rowing machine 3 days a week. But it seems Curves has helped...I was able to do 32 minutes the other day...burned 300 calories with the resistance set at 9, and stroking at about 28-29 spm (??) Anyway, gonna go check the Concept2 website again and see about a challenge (I do well with deadlines...). I have lost 16 pounds, and have 12 to go, and want to get them the heck off. I'm tired of dieting, so am ramping up the exercise to 6 days a week until most or all of that 12 is gone, then back to 4 days a week.

Thanks for getting me into the idea of doing this! Cheers, Sarah

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