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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Where Did She Go?

Blog? What's that? Oh, I remember you journal online and stay in touch with friends and family...yeah, it had slipped my mind. Why is it after Christmas, I don't become a normal person again until after New Year's Day? Gotta be some sort of weird altered state. ...where I fall into this I can just sit on my fanny and not do anything because it is a holiday. I know I will use this as my Twyla Tharps' week away from computer suggestion...check that one off the list.
Hope you all had as wonderful Christmas as we did...and I know you did, regardless. I was a good girl this year according in Santa....a new Kate Spade wallet, a web cam, two beautiful bracelets, gorgeous set of pj's and from sweet Ronnie an entire new sound system....with sub-woofer, amplifier, cd get the idea. I consider myself humbled by how thoughtful my family is.
So what have I been doing? Sewing! Aren't you proud of me. I decided to take this time as a personal blogging (sigh)...and I have gotten an amazing amount of work done.
Other than that I am brain dead from so much will close for now and try to be more coherent after New Year's.
Cheers to 2007...have one for me.


Caitlin said...

ummmmmm - 2007?! You have a time machine? Tell me, how was 2006? *giggles*

Karoda said...

always ahead of your time...the rest of us will have to just do our best to catch up :)

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