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Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Quiz..what a surprise!

The Dreams
You reflect the dreams of the spirit. You have a
hope that is rare to find. You believe that a
dream can become much more if you focus on it.
You find strength in determination and although
your head is usually stuck up in the cloud, you
are pulled back down to find that everything is
the same as in those cloud.

rate high ;-)

Reflections of the Spirit?
brought to you by Quizilla

Actually, Deb of RSR posted a quiz today that I decided to take but I got the same response as she I had to find another quiz to keep the blog quiz movement fresh.

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Karoda said...

I was Magic-
You reflect the magic of the spirit. You are a mystical person who values the magic in life. You enjoy the beauty in almost everything; every sound, smell, touch, taste. Although you find yourself pulled back to reality by the pollution of earth, this a very lovely quality to have, for there isn't much magic left.

This was wierdly fun to do!

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