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Monday, December 19, 2005

Button, Button, Who's Got a Button

Thanks to our talented beyond words Mrs. Mel, I now have a button. You are free to copy and use on your blog. Don't ya just love talented women?
As to other doings, I braved the Christmas crowds today and have everything done but two gifts. Yes, I am gloating since I am usually last minute Lizzie. Wednesday I brave the grocery store and Thursday and Friday cook. However, this year will be very special because daughter in law Christy is coming on Friday to cook with me. One can only imagine the mess we will make but what fun.
With things well in hand, that' s a relative statement, I am going to try to sneak in some painting tonight or tomorrow night. Don't want to stop when I'm on a roll......and since I have been on the weirdest sleep schedule known to mankind , why not?
I wonder if it is the full moon which shoouldn't be a problem now or if it is all this creative energy pushing me around. Aw, who cares if you get to work at midnight or noon.
As to wrapping the presents, well that will be a Friday night exercise....maybe Ronnie would help, second thought, not a good idea.
List of what we are cooking for Christmas at Craig and Kelly's:
Gabrielle's famous cranberry pecan chocolate chip cookies.
Mini pumpkin muffins
Dark chocolate almond bark
Brie filled with lox
Curried chicken salad
Meatballs in carmelized onion cream sauce
Yep, no calories there...shouldn't gain a pound over the holidays.....such an optimist.


Rian said...

Wowee, you could share some of those yummy recipes, I'd sure like to know more about the Meatballs in Carmelized Onion Sauce *swoon*.

mary m. said...


Please don't post the recipe for those cookies. I will make them if you do. And eat many of them.

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