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Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Heart Swoons...and I love the concept of this one


Karoda said...

Hey, I'm loving the song...kinda got me going and helped me kick melancholy to the curb.

Valeri said...

YES! This really rocks! Oh I used to swoon over Bon Jovi! Words are so apt! Ya picked a good one! Love it! Well done you and thanks! We have good taste! GRIN

Debra said...

Only thing I don't appreciate about these songs is they stop when i go to read/make comments.. and then start all over again.

But thanks for the Bon Jovi.

Deb R said...

Yeah, my complaint is similar to Debra's.

I wish the default for these videos was "off" and we pressed play to hear them, like with the audio blog posts.

It's annoying when you're popping back and forth between reading posts or looking at pics and reading comments (or leaving one) and then every time you go back to the main page you have to either hit mute again or let the whole song start over and over and over...bleah. It makes me scurry away from a blog MUCH faster than normal.

I'm hoping the fad of posting music video clips to blogs is short-lived.

Caitlin said...

I lovelovelove this song and clip - also Bon Jovi's new one "Have a nice day" - I was at the Slippery When Wet tour concert in the Sydney Entertainment Centre when Jon Bon Jovi run out onto the scaffolding above the audience and OMG HIS SWEAT DRIPPED ONTO ME!!! I was sooooooo excited!! (ahem,, This was sometime around... 1987? So I was... ummmmm 19?!

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