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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The LIttle Machine That Could

Here is the erg machine that I row least 5000 meters a day when I am home. I am on the road so much that my numbers get all wonky if I don't work hard when at home. As of today I have managed a total of 613, 224 meters even while traveling and teaching. Since starting last year, I have done a grand total of 1,474,652 meters.....around 700 plus miles.
This machine has made me a new woman...helps keep the pounds in reasonable control, really increases your stamina(way aerobic), and is low impact on every part of the old body.
For a girl who was never athletic, this has turned me into an addict....don't get between me and my machine. If you have a gym that has one, give it a try. All machines are not alike....this is a Concept 2, top of the line...much better than the older models. Got me down 4 dress sizes so I could buy lots of new clothes to match my every growing shoe collection......wait maybe this is not a good thing. Posted by Picasa


Cathy said...

YAY for you! What an accomplishment.I do the treadmill most days, recently I have slacked off because of this icky bug I got from the kids. A treadmill isn't a whole body thing though. And my knees are arthritic so I have to be careful. Exercise has been a big part of my's an excellent thing to do. Keeps that brain working right.

deb said...

I went and looked at the Concept website. The motion involved really doesn't aggravate low back pain ?(which comes from a big ass too long in the chair!)..

gabrielle said...

Deb, Honestly there is no lower back pain. The only thing that ever happened to me was: when I first got the machine it looked so easy, I stayed on it too long...almost gave myself a heart attack from the aerobic workout. Shoulda read the are only supposed to do 10 minutes. Consumer Reports high recommends this machine becasue of how easy it is on the body without damaging anything.

Sarah Ann Smith said...'ve got me intrigued. How long do you work out each day to get in so many miles? And does this contraption fold up easily enough that you can store it away after using (say every other day)? I have been going to Curves, have lost 14 pounds, and work out there four days a week, plus one day a week at the Y on the exercise bike. Something at home would be nice........ and as someone who detests regular athletics...... I like the idea of 4 dress sizes smaller...good for you!

mary m. said...

Love the lime green door! I'm going to have to check out that machine. I do an elipticle (sp?) thing at the health club, but it would be nice to have a home thing, although I've sold a lot of them already at yard sales.

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