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Friday, December 16, 2005

Future Constructions

Answering comments in this post because I can't get everyone's email...Blogger at work again.
For Val, my second degree isin English Literature, concentration 20th Century American but I had to read every century to get there; and just to make you fall off your chair, I like 12 hours finishing my Master's in.....tada.....World Religion. Brother, was I gonna make some money when I graduated.
To everyone else, thanks on the compliments about the piece. This was a test piece for a larger work but since I have to spend all next week cleaning (you should see my house...yikes), cooking and finishing Christmas shopping, I won't be able to start until Christmas Day. Our holiday has always been Christmas Eve. The boys and wives then go to their respective in laws for Christmas. Sweet Ronnie and I bask in the glow of we did again another year. Me usually in the studio, him usually being a couch potato. So to make a long story even longer, I will paint the Peltex first and then Wonder Under it for the larger piece.
The cable ties worked so well because I WonderUndered the Peltex to watercolor canvas. A very fine grade but it gave it the stability to not go all wonky. I would like to try adhere it to fabric but my concern is that it won't have that same stability. Will have to do a test piece to see 'cuz I gotta tell you pulling those ties throught the canvas was a chore.
Last but not least, you know I was pulling your leg about the video and blankie....come on, with my sarcastic witty humor. What? That's not how you see me.
Sidebar: No Val, I still have twelve hours left to finish my master's which I did not do. Sorry for the confusion.


Debra said...

Don't bother with a test piece. I've done peltex on fabric and it's not fabulously stable.

Valeri said...

D'ye mean ta say ya got a Masters in TWELVE hours!?! Wow! I'm impressed!

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