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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What Is Taking me So Long

You would thing punching holes and threading cable ties would go really fast? Yeah, you would think that but you would be wrong. This is taking me forever. First to keep the pieces straight and in the right place (took a photo to use as map).This is my last week of full studio time before Christmas stuff rears its ugly offense anyone but I would rather be making art than shopping. Anyway, I am just slow. That is the only reason or maybe the full moon has me all in a dither. Surely, I can finish it this week, one can dream.
Glad everyone is getting ready for the holidays. I am doing absolutely nothing. Have bought some presents. As a matter of fact, almost done..only four gifts left...and with our clan that is an accomplishment. So as the joyous time of the year is upon us and everyone is writing about their "bliss." I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect upon all the things that take away my bliss. You knew I would just have to do this, so here goes:

1. Having to go to the grocery store. I hate it with a passion. It is a necessary evil, heavy on the evil.
2. Telling me to have a nice day when you don't give a rat's ass about who I am wants me to strangle someone. What an inane phrase in the first them telling me to do so will make it happen.
3.Telemarketers who keep on talking after you have said no, thank you. I am trying to be I just hang up on them while they are still nattering away.
4. The overcommercialism of any holiday....not just Christmas but it is the worst. The stores here had Christmas decorations out after Halloween.....come on folks, I am not spending a dime more just because you have made things look festive.
5. Politics, of any kind, in all its forms and functions. Thank goodness it takes them so long to get a bill passed otherwise there is no telling what kind of trouble we would be in.
6. And my all time bliss stealer, the one-eyed monster computer when it doesn't do what I tell it to.

Now wasn't that fun....don't you just feel the love.....have a nice day!


Valeri said...

Got to add no 7 to your 'bliss' list which could be a duplicate of mine.
7. don't you just hate folk who say to you weeks in advance of the day...'All ready for Christmas then?' and they say it so smugly! They've probably organised themselves in August! Thud!

Valeri said...

Addendum! Took me a moment to realise what was wrong with your blog! Led Zep have dropped off the end! I just might never recover!

Rayna said...

I especially love "have a nice day" when it is 9:45 PM and you are exhausted from a crappy day, which is OVER - and standing at the supermarket checkout buying milk for tomorrow's breakfast. Aarrggh. Have a NICE DAY??? Are they robots?

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