Things are getting more and more eccentric at Casa de la Swain. Changing styles in my textile work, falling in love again with painting and photography...and then there is the ever illusive quest for continuing creativity through working with Eric Maisel. Still on the road teaching, posting now at the Ragged Cloth Cafe and taking the pledge to keep handmaiden up to date.

Monday, January 23, 2006

A City of Diversity

Sky scrapers, top left, on the other side of the river, an old-fashioned trolley, bottom left the river from my side of the street and bottom right the Melbourne City Commission building. We are coming near the infamous 7-11, will take a right and back to the hotel. Walk right past the Jarrah House since I am still not feeling as well as I should. Going to do room service tonight with a little less spice...dag nab it. I am staying up to the wee hours, call that midnight, at least. This is the first time I have had jet lag for so many days....say it's not because I am a year older. Posted by Picasa


Caitlin said...

Nope, it's the HEAT!

teri springer said...

One word, Gabrielle....melatonin!!


Debra said...

I'll second the suggestion of melatonin to help stay asleep. But looking at all these pictures.. you are definately fueling up your psyche for a cityscape series, aren't you?

I love it.

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